Emerging Contaminants (PFAS) Resource Center

PFOA and PFOS are part of a class of man-made chemicals that were used to manufacture coatings and films for a variety of common products and applications. Sites that have a high potential to act as a source of these chemicals are industries (metal plating, textiles, wire coating, food packaging, etc.), military facilities, airports, fire training facilities, and landfills.

GZA has assisted private industry, attorneys, and governments with a cautious and iterative approach to mitigating the public health risks due to PFOA/PFOS contamination by providing:

Risk management - GZA can help you assess if and when you should test, manage the regulatory investigation and remediation process, evaluate potential exposure pathways, and develop a sound approach to mitigate health hazards.
Experience - GZA has considerable experience in investigating, understanding the migration pathways, and identifying the sources of these complex chemicals.  We are actively involved in shaping policy and regulatory guidance.
Stakeholder support – GZA will be your responsible  technical advocate, providing a team of qualified experts to help you address challenging public communications issues.

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