We are professional boots on the ground with you, ready to provide timely and value-engineered solutions to keep your project moving on track.

Focused primarily on horizontal construction projects, we have successfully completed countless bridge, foundation, tunnel, utility, road, and highway projects since 1964, working for some of the largest general contractors and specialty subcontractors in the country. 

Strengthened by the support of GZA’s full complement of services, our Contractor Services Division has the ability to go beyond traditional services to address geotechnical, structural, and civil engineering requirements as well as environmental, water, and ecological issues without needing to go out of house.

The project staff has been very responsive and knowledgeable during all aspects of construction to date.  When presented with a challenge (either due to site logistics or the client's request) they have been completely engaged on finding a solution and making sure a quality product is produced.  I can't speak highly enough of the project team with GZA.


Geotechnical Instrumentation

GZA has provided comprehensive services and solutions for complex underground construction projects for over 50 years. 

From program management, planning, and design, through installation, monitoring, and evaluation, GZA provides instrumentation and testing systems to owners, engineers, and contractors on projects above and below ground. Just as ground behavior varies from site to site, so do the goals of our clients.

We have completed thousands of instrumentation programs and have established ourselves as one of the finest geotechnical field measurement organizations in the country. Our extensive field capabilities are supplemented by our predictive modeling, data management, theoretical analysis, design and report preparation strengths.

Our knowledge of the technology and business risks to be managed within the highest management levels of GZA, our technical depth not only on the technology of instrumentation but also on geotechnical and structural components of the work, and our understanding of the client's project-specific needs and risk tolerance makes us uniquely suited to the challenges contractors face.

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  • Automated Data Acquisition Systems
  • Automated Total Stations (Survey)
  • Vibration Monitoring Deformation of Soil and tock
  • Loads on Ground Support Systems
  • Stress and Deformations of Tunnel Lining Systems
  • Inclinometers, Extensometers, Piezometers, Strain Gages, GPS, Liquid Level System, et cetera…
  • Foundation Testing (Dynamic Load Testing, Cross-hole Sonic Logging, Thermal Integrity Profiling, etc.)
  • Soil and Rock Pressure
  • Groundwater pressure
  • Settlement and Cracking of Buildings
  • Real-time Web-based Data Presentation
Construction Field Control & Monitoring

GZA understands our clients' needs, and we provide a sensible scope of testing and professional quality assurance/quality control to enhance the overall value of a project.

We work closely with owners, contractors, developers, architects, and specialty subcontractors to monitor and document foundation construction for adherence to the project plans and specifications and our recommendations.

Our staff of engineers, geologists and technicians are experienced in construction quality control testing and are focused on our clients’ needs. We want your project to be a success and strive to provide attentive and responsive customer service knowing that, when it comes to construction, proactive communications, attention to details and adapting solutions to unforeseen field conditions during the construction phase, are essential for completing projects successfully. Doing the right things right, and at the right time, helps us to achieve compliance with the quality of work specifications within your schedule and budget.

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  • Soil Density Testing  (Troxler)
  • Construction Control Testing 
  • Deep Foundation Installation Monitoring
  • Earth Retention System Monitoring
  • Ground Modification Control
  • Geotechnical and Environmental Laboratory Testing
  • Concrete Field Testing
Deep Foundation Testing

GZA has been in performing non-destructive testing on both large and small deep foundations projects, both on land and offshore, since the 1960’s.

GZA has the experience in the Northeast. Solely focused on the construction industry, GZA’s Contractor Services Division is intimately familiar with the complexities of heavy civil, heavy highway, and marine construction projects and can address upcoming activities, as well as unforeseen factors, swiftly. We are boots on the ground with you, solving issues in the field and offering timely and cost‐effective solutions to help keep your project moving forward. Our qualified team includes personnel with over 35 years of high‐profile experience in PDA and deep foundations testing. 

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  • Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIP)
  • Wave Equation Analysis (WEAP) 
  • Dynamic Load Testing (PDA)
  • Static Load Testing (SLT)
  • Pile Integrity Testing (PIT)
  • Cross-Hole Sonic Testing (CSL)
  • SPT Rig Hammer Calibration
  • Existing Foundation Evaluation
Excavation Support Design

GZA is routinely engaged in the design of support of excavation systems required for underground foundation and utility construction.

For both temporary and permanent support systems, GZA uses state-of-the-art modeling methods and other analytical tools including finite element analyses to prepare complete design packages from simple cantilever wall systems to braced excavation systems for deep cuts requiring multiple support levels.

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  • Internally Braced Excavations
  • Tieback Supported Excavations
  • Tierod & Deadmen Supported Excavations
  • Soldier Pile and Lagging Walls
  • Secant and Tangent Pile Walls
  • Soil-Mix Walls
  • Sheet Pile Walls
  • Slurry Walls
  • Soil Nail Wall
  • Retaining Walls
  • Cofferdams
Groundwater Controls

Dewatering systems are often an essential component of a project's design, especially in congested urban areas which could have a significant impact on the soil condition at adjacent properties. 

As urban redevelopment and transit projects increasingly rely on the use of support of excavation, altering water table within the vicinity of existing structures, and preventing groundwater from entering an excavation is essential in ensuring safety and providing a dry environment to complete the work.

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  • Hydrogeologic Modeling
  • Pump Testing
  • Grouting Systems
  • Permanent Underdrains
Hazardous Waste & Contaminated Materials Management

Successful management of site contamination is contingent upon finding cost-effective options designed to meet regulatory requirements.

Toward that goal, GZA provides the services necessary to properly handle and dispose of waste products. Our clients receive documentation describing the characteristics of the contaminated materials and corresponding paperwork indicating that disposal activities were performed in accordance with regulatory standards. Characterizing waste, handling and packaging contaminated materials, and preparing the documentation are the preliminary steps GZA takes prior to actual transport and disposal to limit clients’ exposure to potential liabilities.

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  • Waste Characterization
  • Handling and Packaging
  • Documentation Services
  • Transport and Disposal
Pre- and Post-Construction Structural Condition Surveys

Surveys are a powerful tool to limit risk and liability when performed prior to construction activities.

By recording pre-existing conditions, contractors have a record of adjacent structures in the event that claims are made for damages caused by construction activities.  Post-construction surveys are a helpful visual confirmation to have if damage is alleged. The Pre- and Post- surveys can be compared side by side to confirm if claimed damages have occurred. Typically, representative high-definition photos are taken along with a detailed narrated high definition video. The pre-construction survey can be complemented with the installation of optical crack gauges on existing cracks, automated deformation monitoring, and vibration monitoring within the site vicinity during construction.

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  • High-Definition Photography and Video
  • Pre- and Post- Condition Survey Services
  • Monitoring Instrumentation Services
  • Deformation Monitoring
Air Quality, Noise & Vibration Monitoring and Analysis

During construction, monitoring of air quality, noise, and vibration can prevent “cease and desist” orders, ensure the health and safety of workers, and prevent damage to adjacent structures

Our solar powered automated systems are also capable of remotely monitoring, reporting, and sending automated alerts for Air Quality (Dust (PM2.5 and PM10), O3, CO, NO, and NO2) and Weather (Rainfall, Wind Speed, Pressure, Humidity, and Temperature).
Additionally, prior to beginning work, assessing pre-existing conditions help establish baseline levels and construction limits for these parameters. Completing pre-construction surveys is an invaluable tool in limiting risk and retaining value throughout the project. GZA provides such pre-construction and construction monitoring services and assists with mitigating measures as necessary.
These systems can be installed and left in place for a prolonged period of time when the application warrants it. Or for a more immediate response, an engineer will be on site to monitor the equipment fulltime to provide results and warn others of approaching limiting values.

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  • Air Monitoring
  • Vibration Monitoring & Analysis
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Noise Monitoring
  • Seismograph Rental
  • Periodic Data Reports
Pre-Bid & Value Engineering

GZA assists contractors with creative approaches to construction, maximizing your chances of winning the bid by providing economical solutions.

We understand the client's budget and time constraints and we proactively work within those parameters to achieve compliance with the design basis criteria. Our team of engineers has the experience to envision alternative concepts resulting in schedule and cost-savings for a project without comprising safety or quality.

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  • Pre-Bid Estimating
  • Project Evaluation
  • Conceptual Design
Structural Construction and Demolition Engineering

GZA’s Structural Engineers know structures. Heavy Civil, industrial, commercial, residential, waterfront, temporary, old or new construction – we understand how structures go together, how to temporarily support them, how to put them up, and how to take them down, in a safe, economical way. 

Our experienced construction engineers use the appropriate structural modeling methods tailored to complete design packages ranging from bridge demolition plans to finite-element analysis of existing structures for equipment loading.

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  • Demolition Plans & Procedures
  • Erection Plans & Procedures
  • Bridge Falsework Design
  • Structural Analysis for Construction Loading
  • Worker Platform & Scaffold Design
  • Concrete Formwork Design
  • Bridge Jacking Plans
  • Shoring & Reshoring Design
  • Rigging Design and Critical Lift Planning
  • Lifting Device Design
  • Temporary Bracing Systems for Buildings
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