GZA was commissioned to provide geotechnical engineering recommendations after the commencement of the client's project. Upon our engagement, GZA rapidly came up to speed on the project, and was able to respond in a timely manner to questions on the project from the Client that pertained to the planned foundation support.


The geotechnical investigation identified the presence of very-loose to loose-granular soils at depth and shallow groundwater. GZA’s geotechnical engineer worked with the development team to provide deep foundation options to address the loose to very loose indigenous soil strata while requiring no over-excavation. We were initially retained to respond to three  foundation sites; however, due to our quick response and ability to adequately address project questions, we were subsequently retained for an additional three  foundation sites. In addition, four of the foundations required support-of-excavation (SOE) design. GZA was retained to provide design at two foundation sites, while the structural engineer for the remaining two locations provided SOE design at those locations.


GZA was able to respond in a timely manner with engineering solutions that were acceptable to the Client and Owner and were pragmatic in allowing the design build project to move forward. In addition, we were able to provide pile design, test pile / pile load test observation and documentation, support-of-excavation design and monitoring, and finally, able to observe the installation of the production piles and provide a special inspections report for the deep foundation portion of the work.