Superfund Still Struggling at 40

Corinne Grinapol and Pam McFarland discuss the past, present, and future of the Superfund law , with a quote from GZA's Steve Lamb discussing adaptive management.


Project Quickstart

COVID-19 has shortened the 2020 construction season by slowing the planning process and delaying pre-bid meetings. Beyond that, where it makes sense, the current shelter-in-place requirement for...


Enviro Firms Tackle the Contamination Conundrum

In the May 2020 issue of New Jersey Business , David Winslow discussed how COVID-19 has added to the risk factors environmental professionals need to consider during remediation work


The PFAS Dilemma

As the story over Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) continues to unfold, experts are divided on whether the associated risks amount to overblown hysteria or represent the next big...


Finding An Unlikely Rainbow At A Job Site

Remediating a site involves digging into its history as well as its soil, and both have its surprises. A great example was this find at a former industrial site. As you can see, when we broke open...


Case Study: Gloucester MGP Remediation

In 2010, GZA was asked to evaluate a former manufactured gas plant facility that had since been redeveloped on a busy part of one of New England’s historic shorelines. What began as a preliminary site...


Building a Health Center on a Brownfields Site

GZA was asked by a Boston community health center to review a property that it had recently been granted via a “free” 99‐year lease from the State Legislature. The health center wanted to consolidate...