Commemorating the Legacies of GZA Co-Founders Don Goldberg and Bill Zoino

President and CEO Patrick Sheehan on Bill and Don's Legacies and Contributions


"It would be difficult to discuss the history of the geoenvironmental consulting industry without mentioning Don Goldberg and Bill Zoino. In 1964, at a time when there were few geotechnical engineering firms, Don and his MIT classmate, Bill, started a consultancy based on the belief that if you provide quality engineering services, operate with integrity, and create a collegial environment in which your employees feel appreciated and empowered to develop innovative solutions for their clients, the firm will be successful. They were right, and the firm they created is still thriving six decades later.
Under Don’s leadership, GZA became a leader in not only geotechnical engineering, but also site investigation and remediation, and geoenvironmental instrumentation, and he and his team grew the Boston-based company into a nationally recognized firm. As a geotechnical engineering practitioner, he was involved with some of the highest profile transportation, infrastructure, and building projects in New England. As a contributor to the engineering community, he was involved in the initial formation of what would become the GeoProfessional Business Association (GBA), past president of the American Council of Engineering Consultants – Massachusetts (ACEC-MA), and past Board member for the Boston Society of Civil Engineers (BSCE).
A dual graduate of MIT, Bill began his career primarily as a dam engineer. While Bill was dedicated to the development of GZA and its people, he was also a significant contributor to the engineering community, serving as President of the GeoProfessional Business Association (GBA) and as President of the Boston Society of Civil Engineers (BSCES).
When asked by BSCES several years ago to provide a perspective on his career and the founding of GZA, Bill said, “Together with Don, we provided jobs for over 2,500 people. But I’m most proud to tell you that those people were people-servers. In my view, that’s what life is all about. It’s a philosophy that Don and I share. Our employees count. Their families count first, their profession counts second. We shared that goal, and we also believed in quality in our projects.”
GZA’s Core Values – operating with integrity, embracing challenges, providing opportunities for all, caring for our communities, and supporting employee ownership – were instilled in the firm by our co-founders 60 years ago, and were reflected in how Don and Bill led their lives. 
Professional quality, service, family first. For all of us who had the privilege of knowing and working with Don and Bill, those three terms capture the essence of their long and illustrious careers and legacies. We thank Don and Bill for co-founding such a great firm and leaving us a legacy we are proud to continue."


Patrick Sheehan, President and CEO