The GZA Experience

What can you expect from working at GZA? Variety.

We firmly believe in the theory that an individual learns by doing. We’ve built our work force around it. When you begin working with GZA you will find yourself assigned to various projects, from large, multi-phase sites that last for several years, to smaller, quick jobs that may last for a couple of days or weeks. It’s also not uncommon to work on multiple projects at a time, affording you the opportunity to see a variety of work practices in place on a daily basis and to help you develop your project management skills.

In the early stages of your employment, you are likely to do a lot of field work which will help to foster your discovery process. By working in the field with various sub-consultants, clients and union laborers you’ll begin to develop your observational skills. Over time, you’ll find yourself in the office a little more often preparing reports for clients or senior staff members and occasionally assisting other departments with their own field or office.

In addition, within the first three years of employment, our employees work with various in-house personnel to acquire a unique sense of diversity. By participating in a number of working groups, new staff gains exposure to numerous clients with varying backgrounds providing a sense of overall exposure before settling into a specific discipline.

  • Maryann - What made you choose GZA?
  • Chad - What is it like to work at GZA?
  • Matt, Maryann & Christine - What advice would you give to someone just starting at GZA?