Aquatic Toxicity Testing

New England Bioassay (NEB), a Division of GZA, is a high quality environmental and aquatic toxicity testing laboratory located in Manchester, Connecticut. 

The NEB laboratory provides high quality acute and chronic toxicity test services to hundreds of industrial facilities, power plants, municipalities, and environmental consultants. NEB offers:

  • Wastewater Testing/Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) testing
  • Stormwater Toxicity Testing
  • Life-Cycle Testing (Chironomus dilutus)
  • Soil Toxicity Tests (bioaccumulation and survival) using the Earthworm, Eisenia foetida.
  • Acute and Chronic, Freshwater & Marine, Sediment Toxicity [including whole sediment (solid-phase tests), suspended sediments, elutriates, pore water, and sediment extracts].
  • Product testing, including Water Accommodated Fraction (WAF) testing and Oil Water Dispersion (OWD) Testing
  • Toxicity Identification and Reduction Evaluation to help clients identify the source of their toxicity.

Our experienced staff maintains and cultures a wide variety of test species. Before testing begins, much effort is expended on the preparation of our organisms. Organisms used in testing must be grown and then acclimated to our client's test-specific requirements, such as life stage, age, water type, and temperature regime.  Test species include Fathead minnows, Daphnids/Water Fleas, Amphipods, Earthworms, Midge Larvae, Algae, Sheepshead minnows, Inland silversides, Mysid shrimp and Sea urchins.

NEB’s Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program requires participation in the EPA’s annual DMR-QA Quality Control Program for Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) testing and is certified to perform testing in the State of New Jersey. NEB also conducts monthly reference toxicant testing and participates in state QA/QC programs including split samples. NEB has an approved LQAP on file with the New England District Corps of Engineers for biological toxicity testing and bioaccumulation testing and is now NH ELAP certified.  For more information, visit