GZA Success Stories: Jessica Stearns, Sr. Project Manager

At a Glance


Jessica Stearns first came to GZA in 2015 because she wanted to do environmental work closer to home. “I had gone to school in North Carolina,” Jessica says, “and decided I wanted to move back to the Philly area where I’m from. I had several offers, but GZA seemed like the right fit.”

Jessica started as an Engineer I, focusing on environmental work, and then found opportunities to expand. “I was doing environmental combined with some geotechnical work at the beginning of my career at GZA, which provided opportunity to improve my skill set over time.” And also over time she saw more of GZA. “I assisted on projects from other offices, which helped grow my network within GZA” and work on projects as far as Florida and Indiana.

When asked what her favorite projects are, Jessica says “In 2018 I was brought on with Joe Foglio and Mindy Sayres out of our Northern New Jersey office to work on a confidential client’s manufactured gas plant (MGP) projects. It’s all investigation and remediation, and those have been my favorite projects.”

For people just starting at GZA, Jessica says “GZA provides many opportunities to grow professionally. Welcome those outside your comfort zone!”