New Hampshire Updates Safe Drinking Water Act for Schools and Child-Care Facilities

At a Glance

With the recent signing of House Bill 1421, there have been several revisions to the New Hampshire Safe Drinking Water Act governing lead in drinking water at schools and licensed child-care facilities. According to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services:

  • The allowable level of lead has been decreased from 15 parts per billion (ppb) to 5 ppb.
  • Facilities must review testing results and submit a remediation plan for any drinking water sources available to children. This applies to both private and public water systems, and to any source of potable water children may drink from, such as water fountains or sinks.
  • Any facilities that have not performed lead tests must do so within 30 days
  • Three rounds of testing for all water sources must be completed by June 30, 2024.
  • NHDES has funding available to cover up to two rounds of testing.

NHDES has more information available on their Lead in Drinking Water page. GZA can help you test, remediate, and report actions to NHDES, or assist with identifying funding available from the New Hampshire Department of Education. To learn more, contact Ken Boivin.

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