Useful Bookmarks and Resources For COVID-19

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Updated April 3rd, 2020

COVID-19 presents some extraordinary circumstances across our country and industry. GZA’s Pandemic Preparedness Team has assembled a list of useful resources to consult as you develop your response. As more resources become available, we will update this page.

Federal and International Resources

World Health Organization Global COVID-19 Situation Map - A GIS map detailing the number of cases by country, updated regularly.

CDC: About Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) – This page is the CDC’s central clearinghouse for information about the coronavirus and its impact on the United States.

CDC: Symptoms of Coronavirus Disease 2019 Poster -  A freely available flyer for public information purposes.

CDC: Handwashing Page - The CDC’s full guide to handwashing, including scientific information and tips for effective hygiene.

World Health Organization COVID-19 Myth Busters Page - A useful guide to misinformation and misconceptions about COVID-19

Steps To Take Now: A Guide To The FEMA Recovery Process - a brochure by GZA and iParametrics discussing first steps for municipalities to take for reimbursement under the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance Program.

FEMA COVID-19 Advisory As Of 3/21/2020

FEMA Pandemic Whole-of-Government Response Issued 3/30/2020

FEMA: Eligible Emergency Protective Measures - Guidance from FEMA on which emergency COVID-19 measures are eligible for reimbursement.


State and Municipal Resources

National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) Directory of Local Health Departments - An easy-to-use directory to stay in touch with health departments.








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Other Resources

Water Online - Coronavirus And The Water Cycle — Here Is What Treatment Professionals Need To Know