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“Environmental Risk Management in the time of COVID-19”

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The acute and rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic is placing unusual and unpredictable stress on our industry. It’s the Number One topic of conversation among EBA members. Most of us are “sheltering in place” and trying to adapt to unprecedented daily changes. We’re dealing with internal partners that are now more remote and our processes are upended. We’re improvising to limit the impact on due diligence by closed doors and new health and safety concerns. We’re also trying to understand and respond to all the new concerns in a very uncertain economy.

Consequently, the EBA will host a combined Risk Management and Technical/ASTM call on March 25 at noon Eastern to discuss the issues we are facing. We will not have very many answers but will take an unvarnished look at the problems. The intent is to share our recent experiences and insights into performing our ERM function in this difficult time. To allow for an open discussion, this call will not be recorded. Depending on the response to this call we may schedule additional calls.