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Four GZA professionals selected to present at Battelle 2024 Chlorinated Conference in Denver

GZA announced today that four of its senior professionals will be presented at Battelle’s 2024 Chlorinated Conference being held in Denver from June 2-6.

Battelle’s Chlorinated Conference is widely recognized as the premier international gathering of environmental professionals researching and applying innovative technologies and approaches for characterization, monitoring, cleanup, and management of complex sites contaminated with the most challenging classes of chemicals. 

GZA professionals selected to make presentations at the conference are Vice President Richard J. Desrosiers, Senior Consultant Bhuvnesh “B.J.” Parekh, Associate Principal Maryann Sapanara, and Senior Consultant/Hydrogeologist Joshua Simpson. Desrosiers is also serving as Session Chair for the conference session on “Conceptual Site Models: Improvements in Development and Application.”

Their presentations include:

  • “How to remediate a hexavalent chromium and volatile organic plume in a single application using injection flow through barriers” (Desrosiers)
  • “A comprehensive design approach to a multicontaminant, multireceptor site” (Parekh)
  • “Lessons learned from multiple ERH implementations: Design considerations and challenges” (Sapanara)
  • ”Pressure transient analysis of drawdown and its derivative provide insight on complex flow regimes affecting groundwater contaminant transport in a bedrock aquifer in the North Carolina Piedmont (Simpson)

Battelle, known officially as the Battelle Memorial Institute, has presented the Chlorinated Conference annually since 1998. Over the past 16 years, dozens of GZA professionals have been selected to offer presentations on a wide range of environmental remediation and analysis topics.