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GZA GeoEnvironmental names Stephen Chiavaroli as Senior GIS Manager

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GZA has named Stephen Chiavaroli as Senior Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Manager.

A certified GIS Professional (GISP), Chiavaroli has almost a decade of experience integrating geographic information systems analysis capabilities with several disciplines including environmental consulting and engineering, aquatic control technologies, water conservation, golf course management, wildlife conservation, vegetation monitoring, and satellite imagery.

Prior to joining GZA, Chiavaroli was a GIS manager at the historic Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he undertook strategic analyses that created revenue growth and maximized use of available and suitable grounds for operations and services at the 192-year-old cemetery.

GZA President and CEO Patrick Sheehan said: “Stephen’s extensive experience and expertise in GIS consulting will greatly enhance our ability to provide innovative solutions to GZA’s clients. We look forward to the impactful contributions he will make in advancing our existing core services and helping us develop new approaches to meet the growing needs of our clients.”

Chiavaroli earned his bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, Mass., and a master’s degree in GIS from Clark University in Worcester, Mass.