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GZA GeoEnvironmental retained by Town of West Springfield, MA for new sports fields

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GZA has been retained by the Town of West Springfield to support its redevelopment and expansion of athletic fields at the Town’s Middle School.

GZA engineers and landscape architects will provide geotechnical engineering, design development, permitting support, and construction-phase services for the redevelopment of the existing track and field known as Ted Smith Field, and redevelopment and expansion of the existing baseball and softball diamonds and track at the Middle School site into a new multi-sport, all-weather field. GZA will also produce a plan for managing stormwater at the 12-acre site. The Town envisions making the new fields available for rental by other public schools in the region when they are completed.

GZA President and CEO Patrick Sheehan said: “GZA has a long history of serving communities, municipalities, businesses, and institutions in Western Massachusetts, including the Town of West Springfield. We’re pleased to play a role in supporting the development of what Mayor William Reichelt has said could well become the premier athletic facility for public school students throughout Western Mass.”

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