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GZA Receives Rock Solid Safety Award

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Springfield, IL - Demonstrating a strong commitment to employee safety and health, GZA GeoEnvironmental was recognized with a Rock Solid Safety award at the Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers’ (IAAP) annual convention on March 5th in Springfield, Illinois. 

Maryrose Ramacci, IAAP Sustainability Committee Chair, said, “A sustainable business has the support and approval of its employees, stakeholders and the community.  By reducing workplace injuries, we not only save money, we save lives, improve performance, create careers rather than just jobs, and build an industry that is a proud and prosperous place to be employed.”

IAAP member companies and their employees must meet specific health and safety criteria that go beyond federal Mine Safety and Health Administration requirements to qualify for four levels of awards: Bronze, Silver, Gold and the highest award Rock Solid Excellence in Safety.  GZA GeoEnvironmental received a Rock Solid Excellence in Safety award.

“By rewarding our industry’s leaders, member companies are encouraged and being recognized for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of everyone at the mine site and in nearby communities,” said Dan Eichholz, IAAP Executive Director.  
The Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers is the trade association serving the aggregate and industrial mineral mining industry in Illinois for more than fifty years.  Full lists of award-winning companies and sites can be found on the IAAP website at:

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