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GZA retained by Connecticut DAS for statewide on-call environmental assessment and master planning

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GZA has been retained by the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services (DAS) for a two-year contract to provide on-call environmental assessment and master planning services for multiple state government agencies.

Under the contract, which runs through December 2025 with a maximum value of $300,000, GZA specialists will be available to all agencies of Connecticut state government to provide professional environmental consulting services, including environmental impact evaluations and Phase I, II, and III site assessments. The contract also authorizes state agencies to retain GZA to prepare design plans, specifications, estimates, and related data and studies for various projects throughout the state and to conduct archeological surveys, biological assessments, site remediation plans, and other services.

GZA President and CEO Patrick Sheehan said: “GZA has been proud to provide professional science and engineering services to the State of Connecticut for several decades. We appreciate the trust DAS is placing in us and our highly capable team to be an on-call resource for state agencies as they seek a wide range of consulting services to support important projects serving the people of Connecticut.”

GZA maintains three offices in Connecticut, in Glastonbury, Manchester, and Trumbull, and also serves Connecticut clients in the public, private, and institutional sectors from multiple offices in neighboring states.