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New England Water Works Association (NEWWA) Spring Joint Regional Conference & Exhibition

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Worcester DCU Center, Worcester, MA


Managing for Manganese and Thermal Stratification in a Shallow Drinking Water Reservoir

Benjamin Burpee, Ph.D., Limnologist

Session 2, Water Treatment I
Wednesday, 9:00 AM — 11:00 AM
North Ballroom

Connecticut Water Company’s McKenzie Water Treatment Plant (WTP) operates on Kelseytown Reservoir in Clinton, Connecticut. Historically, WTP raw water contained elevated manganese. To address this issue, GZA installed an open top flow control box around the reservoir intake to increase shallow water delivery to the intake. The flow control box decreased plant raw water manganese. Small refinements will further improve its effectiveness. Subsequent reservoir monitoring revealed dynamic thermal stratification that offers unique challenges for water quality management in this system.

Read our project description.

Eel Mitigation at Groton Utilities Water Plant Intake

Paul Hyatt, Chief Operator, Groton Utilities, Groton, CT, Robert Kortmann, Ph.D., Senior Consultant, Ecosystem Consulting Service (GZA), Coventry, CT, and Derick Hopkins, P.E., Senior Project Engineer,Wright-Pierce, Warwick, RI

Session 2, Water Treatment I
Wednesday, 9:00 AM — 11:00 AM
North Ballroom

Groton Utilities retained Wright-Pierce and Robert Kortmann, Ph. D in 2020/1 with the goal of providing ecosystem and engineering consulting services for a water plant intake upgrade at their Low Lift Pump Station for eel migration. In the fall 2020 the eels entered the intake and clogged the new DAF saturators. A retrofit design and construction of the intake was completed in October 2021 utilizing two submerged Johnson Tee Screens (1/16" clearance) and a Hydro-Burst air-scour cleaning system.


“Upper Roberts Meadow Reservoir Dam Removal and Stream Restoration”

Laurie Gibeau, P.E., Project Manager, and Kristine Baker, P.E., Assistant Civil Engineer - Department of Public Works - Engineering Division, Northampton, MA

Session 3, Dams
Wednesday, 9:30 AM — 11:30 AM
Meeting Rooms A/B

In 2018, the City of Northampton removed Upper Roberts Meadow Reservoir Dam (which impounded a retired emergency water supply reservoir) after an 11-year design/permitting process. At 40.5’ tall, it is the state’s tallest dam decommissioning. A key project element was that impounded sediment was allowed to naturally move downstream with a carefully controlled construction sequence to prevent flooding, saving almost $500,000 over traditional dredging. Work was completed under budget and ahead of schedule, resulting in restored connectivity and fisheries habitat.

Read our project description.

“Dam Piezometers – MWRA Addresses Needs at High Hazard Class Dams”

Christopher Baker, P.E., Senior Project Manager, and John Gregoire, Program Manager – Reservoir Operations, Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, Southborough, MA

Session 10, Water Resources
Wednesday, 2:00 PM — 4:00 PM
Meeting Rooms C/D

Massachusetts Dam Safety Regulations require piezometers in High Hazard class dams. MWRA is adding the required instrumentation at their dams in the water supply system. At the Wachusett Reservoir North and South Dikes, MWRA installed a GZA-designed automated system including dataloggers and communication hardware to collect data at ranges up to 2 miles. The data is downloaded using far less labor than traditional systems and will be used to assess dam seepage and structural stability as required by the Regulations.  


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