GZA Wins ACEC NH Engineering Excellence Award


MANCHESTER, NH AND NORWOOD MA…ISSUED June 12, 2013, 2013… GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc., a leading environmental and geotechnical consulting firm, has been named a 2013 Engineering Excellence Award Winner for Building/Technology Systems for their Geothermal Design and Construction Services on the first state-owned Zero Net Energy Building (ZNEB), the Health Professions and Student Services Building at North Shore Community College (NSCC) in Danvers, MA.

The architect and GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.’s client for the project was DiMella Shaffer Architects (DSA) of Boston, Massachusetts.  The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM), was the end client who managed the design and construction of the building on behalf of NSCC.

A highly efficient geothermal heat pump system was selected to heat and cool the building.  This proven technology, which uses the steady 55°F temperature of the earth as a primary heating or cooling source instead of fossil fuels, has been successfully employed for over 40 years and is becoming a standard consideration for heating and cooling in most new and renovated building construction. 

“We are very proud to be part of the NSCC team.  A large portion of our initial work was to help the team understand the various geothermal options and recommend the type of geothermal well to be used based on an evaluation of the risks inherent in both closed loop and standing column systems and the estimated costs,” said William Hadge, President and CEO of GZA.  “The end result was that geothermal was determined to be a major and essential component of the project’s Zero Net Energy goal and energy efficiency strategy to reduce the College’s dependence on fossil fuels.”