This project for the NJ Department of Transportation (NJDOT) comprised the installation of a new, above ground fuel facility and standby generator at one of the agency’s maintenance yards. GZA served as sub-consultant on the team, providing demolition specifications for existing fuel facility structures, geotechnical engineering for new facilities, and hazardous materials services and structural engineering for repair to an existing maintenance building.


Two 10,000-gallon above ground fuel storage tanks (ASTs) planned for site, related structures such as fuel dispensers and canopies, as well as a generator, required foundation design.


GZA prepared construction documents and oversaw demolition of the existing fuel dispenser system, underground storage tank (UST) and AST at the site. GZA conducted a geotechnical investigation and completed structural engineering design and foundation design for multiple concrete tank and generator slabs, drive mats, canopies, and related structures. Structural engineering services were also provided to assess damage to an existing maintenance building on-Site and design for rehabilitation; hazardous materials consultation was provided during renovation of the existing building. The project is currently under construction with completion expected by Fall 2023; all work was completed with attention to minimizing disruption to operations at the active maintenance facility.


GZA provided a range of critical services that supplemented the prime consultant’s work on the fuel facility.