Bergen Community College (BCC) has varied Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) and other regulatory compliance responsibilities at its campus.


GZA has assisted BCC with compliance obligations since 2013.

  • Chemical Safety: GZA has provided comprehensive services relative to chemical safety management in multiple laboratory facilities.
    • Chemical safety program audits have been conducted and updated (including hazardous/universal waste management, lab safety/chemical hygiene, oil pollution prevention/SPCC, and hazard communication programs).
    • In-person training for the BCC employees has been provided for New Jersey PEOSH Hazardous Communication and Right-to-Know programs, including OSHA global harmonized system (GHS) requirements.
  • Stormwater Management: Since 2013, GZA has guided BCC’s stormwater management programs to meet permit obligations and maintain existing stormwater drainage system infrastructure:
    • A GIS stormwater infrastructure database was built and used to create a series of maps depicting campus drainage and inspection areas. The GIS database and resulting maps are utilized by the client to conduct annual stormwater inspections.
    • A Stormwater Pollution Prevention (SPP) Plan was developed in 2014and and updated in 2022 in compliance with the NJDEP’s permit obligations, prompted by development on campus.
    • Training has also been conducted with BCC staff to maintain stormwater features.


GZA’s suite of environmental and engineering services are well-suited to the college’s compliance needs in EH&S, stormwater, and other areas.