GZA is providing environmental services to the Borough of Leonia, NJ related to the redevelopment of several parcels for a new municipal building. The properties comprise the former Leonia Volunteer Ambulance Corps (LVAC) building, slated for demolition; a parking lot that serves multiple existing, adjacent borough buildings; and two adjacent former residential properties.


Urgent regulatory deadlines related to a previously undiscovered underground storage tank (UST) associated with the borough’s Department of Public Works—which had occupied the LVAC site decades prior—added complexity to the project scope and overall redevelopment schedule.


GZA’s Preliminary Assessment (PA) of the LVAC site was followed by a Site Investigation that revealed the previously undocumented UST. Investigation and soil remediation of a leaking, 550-gallon waste oil UST was successfully completed via excavation; groundwater investigation and monitoring are ongoing. GZA was also retained to remove USTs previously closed in place at the former residential properties. All environmental field work was conducted amidst on-going construction at the site.


Remaining cognizant of overall construction scheduling, GZA has collaborated closely with the redevelopment team to conduct the remediation and ongoing investigations. GZA has continually advanced the project to meet pressing regulatory deadlines and mitigate construction delays.