Cape Ann’s Marina Resort offers waterfront accommodations, restaurants, spa, indoor and outdoor pools, and event venues, as well as the Cape Ann Marina for boat dockage, fueling and storage. The facility is located on the Annisquam River near mile marker one of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. With increased occurrences of flooding during Nor’easters and King Tides, GZA is providing phased improvement projects integrating natural hazards mitigation planning and flood mitigation measures that are aligned with the marina’s long-term business plan. 


Since 2003, GZA has provided engineering services to Cape Ann Marina. Our multi-year services began with a maintenance dredging project and continued with reconfiguration, inspection, and repair designs for the marina facility, piers, and shoreline retaining structures. Experiencing the impacts of increased flooding from Nor’easter storms and exceptionally high tide events, the owners of Cape Ann Marina have retained GZA to assess the impacts of climate change to their business from extreme flooding events and sea level rise. To begin preparing for these increased impacts, current and planned routine maintenance and repair projects are now integrating resilient design and flood mitigation measures. 


Integrating flood resiliency into asset management allows Cape Ann Marina to be proactive on addressing physical and transitional risks associated with climate change while investing in incremental capital improvements for its long-term sustainability.