GZA was selected to advance the City of Northampton’s Climate Resiliency and Regeneration Plan by providing conceptual to final construction-ready design of green infrastructure solutions to improve flood control and stormwater management during extreme weather events.


GZA is collaborating with the City of Northampton’s Office of Planning & Sustainability and Department of Public Works on this project, funded in part with a grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Action Grant Program. At each of 10 locations, GZA studied existing engineering reports and conducted hydrologic and hydraulic modeling as needed. GZA’s feasibility assessment identified potential project benefits (including improved stormwater quality, reduction in potential flooding and storm damage, ecological enhancement, and educational opportunities) and challenges (including maintenance, permitting, subsurface conditions, and access). A conceptual-level cost opinion was also developed.

In keeping with the City’s goal to use nature-based solutions for climate resiliency, green infrastructure elements, such as berms, swales, rain gardens and pervious surfaces were incorporated into GZA’s conceptual designs to detain and retain stormwater runoff. The City has prioritized the projects based on feasibility, cost, and effectiveness in mitigating flood hazards and property damage to nearby roads, homes, and businesses. Conceptual designs selected by the City are being advanced to 100% construction-ready design plans.


GZA’s analysis and designs will not only improve the City’s stormwater quality and reduce flooding but will provide demonstration projects to inform additional resiliency projects.