Clarke is a global environmental products and services company whose mission is to make communities around the world more livable, safe, and comfortable. They do this by pioneering, developing, and delivering environmentally responsible solutions for public health through mosquito control and healthy natural habitats.


As part of their long-term sustainability mission, Clarke envisioned a holistic transformation of their Garden Avenue property into a demonstration of sustainable design strategies, both inside and outside the buildings. Their vision included ‘green breaks’ for nature exploration, sustainable stormwater, outdoor learning spaces, increased biodiversity that represents the major ecotypes of the Midwest – prairie, wetland, and savanna, and education for staff and visitors.


To meet their sustainability goals, Clarke created time for collaboration sessions between staff, GZA, and a select design team to envision environmental initiatives for the site. The hands-on collaboration led to native habitat gardens, rainwater collection and distribution systems, green infrastructure, edible gardens, outdoor learning spaces, renewable energy initiatives, and increased awareness for Clarke’s sustainability mission.


Since the project has been completed, Clarke has seen measurable decreases in the buildings carbon footprint, energy use reductions, decreased water use, and reduced waste streams. They have also seen significant increases in biodiversity levels across the site, have increases in operational efficiency, and is 100% carbon neutral.

Their annual reporting has also found that staff retention has increased, and staff are becoming more involved with outside volunteer groups and efforts to enhance the environment where employees live.