The main campus of Columbia University, located in the Morningside Heights area of Manhattan, includes several large boilers at its central power plant and other fuel-burning equipment such as emergency engines, boilers, water heaters, chillers, etc. and laboratory hoods throughout the campus that operate under a Title V permit. The Title V permit requires the university to submit quarterly, semi-annual, and annual compliance reports. The university is also required to submit an Emission Statement to NYSDEC on an annual basis, and a Greenhouse Gas Report and a MACT compliance report to the US Environmental Protection Agency.


Columbia University retained GZA to prepare these reports. GZA reviews the fuel and material usage data, monitoring systems data, fuel analysis data and emission testing reports to collect the data needed. GZA performs the necessary data analyses and calculations to prepare the reports. GZA submits these reports to NYSDEC and EPA using paper forms or web portals as needed. In addition, GZA periodically visits the Columbia University campus to audit the recordkeeping system that generates the reportable data.


The client has consistent, clear data for use in its compliance reporting.