GZA is the prime consultant to our client’s risk management department for an area including nine states and three U.S. territories. The client’s facilities are often from donors, and include properties ranging from single-family residences to multi-story commercial buildings to 100-acre outdoor recreation facilities. GZA is tasked with inspection, repair, and remediation of these facilities, as well as document management and inspection tracking, and “priority” sites that needed immediate action.


GZA developed a project website on the SharePoint platform, coupled with a web mapping application built on Esri’s Web AppBuilder and hosted on GZA’s Enterprise GIS Portal, allowing the client easy access to information on over 1,500 sites with document access. This data management tool allowed GZA to perform the needed studies and quickly address concerns such as asbestos management, lead containment, mold, aboveground and underground storage tank removal, water intrusion, building demolition and management of hazardous and non-hazardous contaminated media and soils, while giving the client easy online access and tracking tools.


The client has a full, detailed, and interactive tool to track a complicated network of varied properties with multiple environmental and construction concerns. GZA has identified 100 “priority” sites, allowing the client to act quickly and keep necessary documents accessible and trackable as work proceeds and new sites are acquired.