Since 1999, Dartmouth College has called upon GZA to provide a wide range of technical services to the offices of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), Real Estate, and Campus Planning and Facilities. Through this strategic partnership, more than 140 assignments have been successfully executed to date, including environmental, geotechnical engineering, ecological, and construction management projects. 


GZA’s first project for Dartmouth—a comprehensive environmental audit of the College’s hazardous waste management program and assistance with proactive corrective actions—helped establish a strong environmental compliance culture that endures to this day. Environmental services have included site investigations for due diligence; complex site remediation; comprehensive AST/UST services; vapor intrusion investigations; and permitting & regulatory compliance. Geotechnical engineering services have included subsurface explorations and foundation recommendations for new construction on campus and instrumentation. GZA’s Construction Management Group has provided a host of building services, including pre-demolition asbestos and hazardous materials surveys, preparation of technical specifications for bidding, construction management oversight, monitoring of asbestos and hazardous materials abatement, and full-time remote vibration monitoring with real-time alerts. 


As Dartmouth’s long-time strategic partner, GZA has provided multidisciplinary, integrated services to successfully complete assignments that have improved environmental compliance and performance across the campus, and supported Dartmouth’s building and infrastructure growth plan in harmony with their commitment to environmental stewardship.