GZA was retained to provide dynamic pile testing services to the contractor on a complex design-build infrastructure project with aggressive performance targets. The $500 million Ohio Department of Transportation project included rebuilding three bridges within a three-mile stretch of a congested interstate corridor — while maintaining multiple lanes of traffic in both directions throughout construction. GZA’s work was required on short notice for multiple phases of the construction.


GZA was prepared to perform dynamic pile testing services within hours’ notice of the testing need, as part of the subcontractor’s contract.

For each bridge, GZA provided select equipment and labor to perform pile testing on four test piles each in the forward abutment, pier 1, and pier 3 substructures (12 piles total). Each pile test included dynamic testing during initial drive to a pre-determined tip elevation and subsequent re-strike testing to evaluate time-dependent pile capacity. Subsequent computer analysis was performed on the data recorded during each pile test to confirm the field results, and GZA issued a report summarizing the test results.


GZA’s geotechnical instrumentation experts mobilized on short notice and demonstrated in-depth knowledge of subsurface conditions, providing the client with high-quality pile testing services on a tight schedule. Based on the dynamic pile test results and observations of the production piles, the Owner-Engineer accepted the piles, and construction of the abutment and pier substrates moved forward, helping the contractor successfully meet contractual obligations.