Eversource Energy (Eversource) maintains miles of electrical infrastructure to support current and projected electricity demands. When the aged and deteriorating wooden utility poles along the L176 Transmission Line (115 kV) required replacement, GZA was engaged by Eversource to provide full-service, multidisciplinary support from the beginning stages of data collection through the construction phase of the project. Maintaining the project schedule was a critical goal.




GZA completed wetland delineation, wetland function-value assessment, vernal pool mapping, geotechnical investigation, regulatory coordination, local/state/federal permitting, and construction monitoring for the project. Honed by years of experience with the utility industry and in the region, GZA employed a streamlined approach to field investigations and a proactive approach to regulatory agency engagement. Field work efficiency was increased by combining data collection and natural resource surveys, including functional assessments of wetlands with vernal pool confirmation. GZA identified potential regulatory issues and worked swiftly to address them, and coordinated with local, state and federal regulatory agencies from the early stages of the project to stay ahead of schedule and prevent project delays. GZA’s field and office teams worked closely to maintain open communication and keep Eversource up to date on progress and milestones.




GZA’s institutional knowledge of electrical infrastructure needs, as well as the firm’s natural resources expertise and permitting experience in the region added great value to the project and facilitated its timely and successful completion.