The channels of Godfrey, O’Brien, and Hospital Brooks are located in the Charles River watershed and are typically lined with stone masonry walls constructed as a WPA project in the 1930s. Extensive development within the watershed has resulted in the increase of stormwater runoff volume and flow rates, which causes additional stress on the stone walls. As a result, extreme precipitation events have often caused additional damage and localized flooding.


GZA prepared a feasibility study for the repair or replacement and long-term maintenance of all three brook channels. The study included field investigations by engineers and environmental scientists to review general condition and natural habitat characteristics. A hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and review of alternatives in terms of engineering design and planning needs, property impacts, permitting requirements, and costs revealed that stabilization of the existing channel in place would be the most feasible option for the Town of Milford.

GZA was retained by the Town of Milford to prepare construction plans and specifications and acquire the necessary permits for the rehabilitation of Godfrey Brook and its tributaries. As part of this effort, GZA prepared the hydrologic and hydraulic models, conducted the necessary geologic investigations, coordinated with the affected utility companies and property owners, and prepared detailed construction plans, specifications, and bid documents. To date, components of rehabilitation which have been fully constructed include three road crossings.


GZA assisted the Town in successfully applying for four (4) separate grants from FEMA through the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program for funds to contribute to the overall cost of designing, permitting, and constructing the rehabilitated channel.