Jackson County Water and Sewerage Authority (JCWSA) is currently assessing the potential to develop groundwater resources to supplement its existing water supply sources which are, in part, purchased from surrounding water systems. JCWSA recognizes the value of developing their own supplies of potable water and the importance of understanding where all potential groundwater resources within the County can be developed today.


Emery & Garrett Groundwater Investigation (EGGI)'s approach to groundwater exploration and development is based upon understanding the geologic environment from which groundwater resources are withdrawn. Our scientific investigation included the use of satellite imagery, aerial photography, on-site bedrock fracture fabric data, detailed geological mapping, an assessment of potential threats to groundwater quality, groundwater recharge review, and evaluation of existing wells.

Phase I of this groundwater development program focused entirely on selecting zones within the County considered to have a moderate to high potential for developing significant supplies of groundwater. Selection of these favorable groundwater zones was based upon the evaluation of many factors that directly influence the volume and quality of groundwater resources that can be withdrawn from bedrock aquifers.


The results of this groundwater exploration program performed to date has served to identify 26 potential Groundwater Development Zones which the groundwater investigation team has selected as being “favorable” for groundwater development.

Based upon the favorability of our findings during this investigation, we recommended that this groundwater exploration and development project proceed forward to Phase II. The County has approved Phase II investigations. The results of Phase II will include the selection of specific exploratory well targets on the properties selected by the County for further investigation. Ultimately, if favorable drilling targets are identified, the project will proceed with an exploratory drilling program and subsequent production well construction, testing, and permitting.