The Massachusetts Office of Fishing and Boating Access (OFBA) manages several boat launch ramps throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These facilities are located in varying shoreline locations, including rivers, lakes, bays, lagoons, and harbors.  Maintenance and upgrades are required.


Over the past twenty years GZA has been retained to provide professional engineering services to the OFBA for the reconstruction of existing boat ramp and construction of new boat ramps at various locations throughout the state, including Plymouth Harbor Boat Ramp, Plymouth; Falmouth Inner Harbor Boat Ramp, Falmouth;  Lagoon Pond Boat Ramp, Tisbury; Pease Park Boat Ramp, Fairhaven; Holland Boat Ramp, Holland; Otis Boat Ramp, Otis; Connecticut River Boat Ramps, Easthampton; Gill Boat Ramp, Gill; Winthrop Town Landing Boat Ramp, Winthrop; Town Bathing Beach Boat Ramp, Hingham; and Lake Congamond Boat Ramps, Southwick.  In light of the sensitive environmental setting of these projects, GZA has strived to incorporate best management practices and low-impact development measures.


Design efforts on these projects focuses on providing an improved boater-friendly facility, but also one that is ADA accessible to the greatest extent possible.