The PSEG power generation station site was significantly damaged from the unrelenting pounding, over the course of several days, from Superstorm Sandy in 2012. The oil dock, shore-based infrastructure, and the south facing revetments sustained damage from the 100-year design storm surge and wave action. GZA was retained to perform an assessment of coastal and structural damage.


GZA performed inspections and studies to document the damage and determine the return period of the storm and the wind and wave characteristics. Design plans (30% design level) and estimates of probable cost were prepared for the repair of the oil dock to its original condition and design and construction of the oil dock to meet current code requirements. Based on these scenarios, GZA provided insight into the permitting requirements and code upgrade requirements.

GZA conducted numerous inspections and studies, including: underwater and topside structural inspection of an unloading dock; assessment of riprap and coastal damage; a wind and wave study to determine environmental loadings for “Sandy” loading; repair scenarios and estimated costs; permitting requirements for repair and replacement of resources; valuated code requirements for reconstruction and replacement.


GZA’s assessment of coastal and structural damage to this important power infrastructure included coastal flood modeling to design flood resistant, replacement marine structures.