GZA has provided environmental consulting and geotechnical engineering services to Quick Chek Corporation for more than 20 years in support of their retail gasoline operations. In total, more than 300 gasoline tanks have been installed at more than 100 stores in New Jersey and New York.


Quick Chek has constructed hundreds of locations with fuel facilities, requiring keen understanding of the geotechnical and environmental requirements for each facility’s site and components.


GZA’s services include environmental and geotechnical investigations and onsite testing of the installations related to tank , placement, anchoring, and backfilling. GZA also coordinates with applicable regulatory officials and coordinates scheduling and field management of UST removal/installation. At sites where fuel services will be introduced, GZA also completes an initial site characterization to document existing environmental conditions, thus protecting Quick Chek from potential future liability risk. Given the wide variety of geology and soil conditions within Quick Chek’s territory, GZA often consults on constructability issues related to high water tables, soil/slope stability, existing subsurface contamination, geotechnical suitability of native and import materials, and ground improvement. GZA has also provided foundation recommendations ranging from conventional shallow foundations, deep pile foundations, and ground improvement for Quick Chek’s food stores and canopy structures. When construction is completed, GZA provides investigations required by State regulations at store locations where alarm conditions are signaled by monitoring devices or other issues arise (i.e., liquid detected in tank interstitial spaces, secondary piping, or dispenser pump sumps).


The long-term relationship with this client is supported not only by the GZA team’s institutional knowledge of Quick Chek’s requirements and protocols, but by GZA’s ability to provide the multi-disciplinary services required at a wide variety of site locations with varied environmental and geotechnical conditions.