The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) introduced underground storage tank (UST) upgrade regulations that often required service centers to undertake closure and remediation of multiple fuel storage tanks.


This service station’s owner was unable to fund the mandated upgrades, jeopardizing the small business owner’s livelihood.


GZA prepared a successful application for the NJDEP Petroleum Underground Storage Tank (PUST) Fund Hardship Grant on behalf of the client. Grant monies have funded the project from Preliminary Assessment through remediation and monitoring. Multiple underground gasoline and diesel storage tanks were removed and 1,200+ tons of impacted soils were removed. A compartmentalized 15,000-gallon double-walled UST was installed. GZA’s remedial action for soil included a Deed Notice with a Soil Remedial Action Permit. The final remedial action for groundwater is monitored natural attention (MNA) under a Groundwater Remedial Action Permit. All was completed while the station remained open.


This is one of dozens of service stations for which GZA provided grant application and reporting assistance – securing millions of dollars in PUST funding in total. Such efforts enabled many small business owners to undertake the investigation and remediation projects needed to bring their stations into compliance.