When the Wrentham water distribution system required improvements to provide fire flow to an area targeted for economic development, GZA was asked to design the installation of 5,500 feet of 12-inch reinforcing main. Timing was critical to support a planned development project and to meet the requirements of the State MassWorks Grant, which funded the work.


GZA designed the new main to minimize service interruptions and maintain fire flow to existing commercial properties. The design included directional drilling design and permitting by the MassDOT, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and a local conservation commission. The project was fast-tracked through MassDOT permitting by separating the work into two parts. Permitting for the challenging, proposed directional drilling of a watermain sleeve under a box culvert advanced under one permit track that the team anticipated would involve a lengthier review, while construction permitting of the majority of the project was presented on another track which the team correctly surmised would be approved more quickly, allowing a significant portion of the work to advance more expeditiously.

GZA provided construction administration and full-time resident project representation during the construction phase. GZA’s close coordination with MassDOT and rigorous trench and traffic safety protocols were instrumental to the success of the construction phase. The project was completed below budget. GZA was subsequently retained to provide additional engineering services for 8,400 feet of 16-inch reinforcing water main to interconnect with the Route 1 water main.


GZA’s completion of this fast-tracked project on time and below budget was critical to promoting economic development and improved fire flow along Route 1.