The proposed project involves the re-development of a former industrial parcel into a purpose-built marine terminal that will support heavy-lift deployment and logistics services for the offshore wind industry. The 42-acre waterfront parcel is located on Salem Harbor and is the site of a former coal- and oil-fired power plant that serviced the area for about 75 years.

GZA supported the project’s lead designer, AECOM, during the design phase of the project and provided geotechnical engineering and marine/waterfront design services. GZA’s geotechnical services included management and execution of a phased approach for geotechnical site investigations consisting of land borings, water borings, Cone Penetrometer Test (CPT) soundings, test pits, and geophysical surveying and mapping. GZA worked with several local laboratories to complete an extensive soil and rock laboratory testing program. GZA had prior geotechnical experience at the site during the construction of the combined cycle gas power plant. GZA supplemented this prior subsurface information with data collected for the Wind Port project and compiled it into a subsurface profile and a Geotechnical Data Report that was included in the project’s Construction Documents.

GZA also provided marine and coastal consulting services to AECOM during the design phase. These services included regulatory compliance review for coastal resilience design, metocean analyses, and development of environmental loads (wave and flood loading) that were used to design the new waterfront infrastructure.

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