To achieve regulatory closure at this former manufacturing site nestled within a residential section of Newark’s Ironbound District, GZA is remediating chlorinated volatile organic compounds (cVOCs) in soil and groundwater and also addressing cost allocation issues for remediation of commingled off-Site groundwater plumes




GZA designed and constructed of a full-scale soil vapor extraction (SVE) and air sparge (AS) system to remediate unsaturated soils impacted with cVOCs followed by limited hot-spot excavations. GZA’s groundwater Remedial Investigation (RI) identified up to two off-Site cVOC plumes migrating from unknown up-gradient off-Site sources, and comingling with portions of our Client’s plume. GZA’s hydrogeologists identified and defined limits and concentrations of off-Site comingled plumes. GZA prepared a Remedial Action Workplan (RAW) that includes In-Situ Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination (ERD) groundwater treatment strategy utilizing an in-situ bioremediation barrier (PlumeStop, Regenesis’ Hydrogen Release Compound® Primer w/HRC and Bio-Dechlor Inoculum® via Direct Push injection.

The concentrations of cVOCs detected in groundwater triggered a Vapor Intrusion (VI) investigation. GZA worked with the Client and local officials to communicate with the community and obtain access to 50 residential properties for the VI investigation. GZA utilized a geographic information system (GIS) to organize and manage data regarding outreach, access, sampling, and findings during the vapor intrusion investigation. This work is currently underway and has additional LSRP reporting requirements.




The remediation conducted will allow future re-development of the Site. GZA has also established baseline concentrations for each off-Site plume that is commingling with Steel Craft plume, therefore Steel Craft is not responsible for clean-up costs for off-Site plumes. Because the work is being conducted under GZA’s proprietary Contract to Closure program, the client’s risk is minimized.

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