Advanced Groundwater Exploration & Development

Over two and half decades, GZA has developed and refined a unique exploration and development program to predictably identify and develop previously overlooked groundwater supplies throughout many complex hydrogeologic terrains. 

Our proprietary program includes the use of satellite imagery, multiple platforms of aerial photography, digital elevation models, geologic mapping, bedrock fracture fabric data, geophysical analyses (including aerial, ground surface, and borehole methods), existing well data, statistical analysis, and in situ hydrogeologic testing. The “continual focusing process”, from initially large study areas down to favorable zones suitable for developing new, sustainable groundwater resources, eliminates the “wildcatting” aspects of groundwater drilling and has proven highly successful over the years. 



GZA's GIS platform enables us to incorporate both hydrogeologic datasets and key socio-economic factors – including areas of particularly critical need, existing infrastructure locations, habitat considerations, and land use requirements, etc. – into the determination of optimal well drilling locations. We are able to predictably identify and incrementally develop new low-cost, low-impact, distributed groundwater resources closer to the point(s) of use than other water supply alternatives.

Over 100 MGD Developed

To our knowledge, no other firm has conducted more successful groundwater exploration and development programs in crystalline and sedimentary rocks, limestone regions, and unconsolidated deposits. Since 1989, we have successfully developed over 100 million gallons per day (MGD) from high-yield groundwater wells in some of the most challenging geologic terrains. 

Exceptional Success Rate

In over 90% of the cases where groundwater exploration programs have been fully pursued, we have successfully developed groundwater resources sufficient to meet or exceed our clients’ water supply needs. In approximately 80% of those cases we have actively discovered and developed new renewable groundwater supplies – from previously unknown and/or undocumented aquifers.

Routinely Succeed Where Others Fail

We have developed the highest yielding wells on record in many of the regions where we have conducted exploration programs, and we routinely succeed where other ‘experts’ have failed. We have successfully identified and developed new sustainable groundwater supplies for over 1,400 clients.

Low-Impact, Sustainable Supplies

We are committed to only developing groundwater resources where it is clear that such withdrawals will not adversely impact existing users or the environment. We routinely secure new permits from the applicable regulatory agencies by providing scientific evidence that our withdrawal rates are sustainable, and that the natural resources proximal to developed supplies can be adequately protected and preserved for future generations.