Renewables and Energy Storage

GZA’s geotechnical and environmental permitting staff are well qualified and experienced to support developers of renewable energy, as well as potential municipal and commercial owners of sites hosting renewable energy facilities.

GZA has diverse capabilities including: siting, permitting, site drainage and grading studies, stormwater management, foundation design and environmental compliance management systems on renewable energy projects. We also conduct visual impact analysis, noise studies, natural resources evaluations and subsurface explorations for geotechnical engineering design. GZA has experience with air permitting and siting of biomass energy facilities. Our experience with the design and closure of solid waste facilities and brownfield site redevelopment helps to assess feasibility and design of wind, hydropower, solar and landfill gas to energy projects on these underutilized sites. We are specialists in understanding the environmental and engineering challenges of returning run of river and small hydroelectric facilities to productive use.

GZA is very familiar with the project challenges of drilling borings for the design of foundations for onshore and offshore wind turbines. We completed geotechnical investigations and engineering analyses for numerous onshore wind farms in New England, Pennsylvania, New York and internationally for a major turbine manufacturer. GZA was the prime geotechnical engineer on proposed offshore wind turbine farm located south of Block Island, Rhode Island.  That project was one of the first geotechnical site investigations to be performed in the United States in accordance with the technical guidelines of the Mineral Management Service (MMS), now the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE).  GZA and other members of GZA’s Project Team also completed the preliminary geotechnical site investigation and geophysical surveys for the Cape Wind project. GZA has expertise for addressing renewable energy with staff with education and experience in ocean engineering, marine geomechanics. GZA applies our knowledge of the local geology and working in the marine environment to estimate the schedule and costs associated with geotechnical and geophysical investigations. 

GZA is an active member of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and we are on the Board of Directors for the Renewable Energy and Efficiency Business Association, Inc. (REEBA).