Dams and Levees

Dams and Levees are critical components of this nation’s infrastructure. They serve indispensable functions, including irrigation, water supply, flood control, electric generation, and recreation.

Safe operation and maintenance of dam and levees are key to both sustaining these functions and to avoiding potential disaster and loss of life.  As the nation’s inventory of dams and levees ages, heightened vigilance and action are necessary.

Since its inception in 1964, dam safety engineering has been one of GZA’s core disciplines.  GZA has been involved in site inspections, investigations, design, construction, removal, and seismic evaluation of more than 1,000 dams throughout the United States. Our projects have ranged from small impoundments to very large, high-hazard water supply dams and reservoirs. 

GZA is a recognized leader in the dam safety field and an active member in the leading professional societies such as the Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO) and the US Society on Dams (USSD).  Choose GZA.

Through the integration of our dam safety, geotechnical, water resources, civil engineering, and natural resources expertise, GZA is able to offer the full range of technical expertise and cost-effective and technically appropriate solutions to problems. Our clients include water suppliers, the power industry, government agencies, industrial and commercial landowners, and others. 

Among the services we provide to our clients are the following:

  • Dam Removal & Stream Restoration
  • Design & Construction Services
  • Emergency Action Planning
  • Hydropower Feasibility, Retrofit Design & FERC Permitting
  • Inspections