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GZA reaches milestone of supporting the development of over 6 GW of offshore wind energy

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GZA has recently closed offshore wind contracts with clients in New England and New York that brings  the total offshore wind energy development that GZA is now supporting to more than 6,000 megawatts.

GZA’s capabilities in offshore wind include delivery of specialized offshore, nearshore, and onshore engineering. GZA’s scientists and engineers have extensive experience with completing projects for utilities, energy developers, and port operators, and working with federal, state, and local regulators.

GZA Chief Executive Officer Patrick Sheehan said: “Offshore wind energy in the U.S. promises to bring us competitively-priced clean energy, thousands of new jobs, enormous opportunities to redevelop and revitalize working ports, and a transform of our electric grid to receive and deliver wind energy. All of us at GZA are excited by this historic opportunity to help clients solve the many complex challenges related to successfully delivering on the promise of offshore wind.’’

GZA’s work in offshore wind began with providing geotechnical engineering services for the very first offshore wind farm conceived in the U.S., followed by the first offshore wind farm constructed in the U.S.: Orsted’s five-turbine, 30 MW Block Island Wind Farm.

Since then, GZA has supported other offshore wind projects including offshore turbine foundations, submarine cable routes, cable landings, on-shore interconnections, and electric network upgrades.

GZA also provided geotechnical, environmental, waterfront design, and health and safety services for new port terminals, and upgrades to existing ports requiring platforms and bulkheads capable of meeting the berthing and heavy-lift demands associated with manufacturing, assembly, construction, and operation and maintenance of the offshore turbines and cables.

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