Geotechnical Instrumentation

Geotechnical instrumentation and field testing is routinely undertaken for the evaluation of construction effects, especially in urban areas; for verification of design assumptions; and as part of project safety programs. 

From program management, planning, and design, through installation, monitoring, and evaluation, GZA provides instrumentation and testing systems to owners, engineers, and contractors on projects above and below ground. Just as ground behavior varies from site to site, so do the goals of our clients.

GZA has provided comprehensive services and solutions for complex underground construction projects for over 40 years. We have completed thousands of instrumentation programs and have established ourselves as one of the finest geotechnical field measurement organizations in the country. Our extensive field capabilities are supplemented by our predictive modeling, data management, theoretical analysis, design and report preparation strengths.

What makes us different from other firms in the instrumentation business? 
  • Our knowledge of the technology and business risks to be managed within the highest management levels of GZA
  • Our technical depth not only on the technology of instrumentation but also on geotechnical and structural components of the work
  • Our understanding of the client's project-specific needs and risk tolerance.

Geotechnical instrumentation systems are essential in helping project teams understand the behavior resulting from various underground construction activities. Our capabilities include:

  • Automated data acquisition systems
  • Deformation of soil and rock
  • Loads on ground support systems
  • Stress and deformations of tunnel lining systems
  • Soil and rock pressure   
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Pile driving (dynamic load capacity and stresses during driving)
  • Groundwater pressure
  • Settlement and cracking of buildings
  • Real-time web based data presentation