Dam Removal & Stream Restoration

In some cases, an owner may find that the a dam no longer serves its intended function and no longer is an asset. GZA has been a pioneer in assisting such owners with dam removal and stream restoration.

GZA provides expertise for feasibility studies, permitting, environmental impact reporting, design and construction for removal of dams as proactive means for sound environmental restoration.  Using our combined skills in natural resource sciences and engineering, GZA is an industry leader in this rapidly developing field, having successfully removed more than a dozen dams.  Our clients have realized a reduction of operating costs and safety risks associated with removing their aging dams and the public has benefited from the conversion of these previously dammed streams to free-flowing conditions.  

Stream stabilization has become “softer” throughout the years, focusing on bio-engineered methods in lieu of reinforced concrete or other more traditional stabilization methods.  Our experience in this field enables us to provide more natural stabilization solutions which better address bank erosion, sediment loading, and water quality issues while also restoring critical aquatic habitats and fish passage such that streams return to equilibrium with their natural surroundings.