With a 50-year track record of underground engineering excellence, we provide engineering analyses and design services for foundations, tunnels, dams, buried utilities, marine facilities, highways, railroads, site development and temporary underground structures. 

Originally founded as a soils and foundations specialty consultant, GZA has grown to provide environmental, ecological, water and construction management services in addition to maintaining excellence for providing geotechnical solutions.  By integrating these additional disciplines, we create a unique combination of engineering expertise, innovation, sensitivity to client needs, and responsiveness tailored to the specific permitting, structural or construction issues associated with each project.  When you're looking for a solution in the built environment, look to the leader in innovation and technical excellence:  GZA.

GZA is nationally recognized for a diverse range of geotechnical, environmental, hazardous materials management, water and marine engineering services that we provide for our nation’s infrastructure and the building industry. Analysis and design services for various types of new and renovated infrastructure projects include:

  • Bridges, highways and railroads
  • Marine and waterfront facilities
  • Tunnels (including tunnel inspections)
  • Buildings
  • Utilities/transmission structures/ substations
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Airports
  • Dams and water resource projects

Working for both private and public clients, GZA has provided geotechnical services for a multitude of building projects, including: Commercial and retail developments, Parking garages, Primary and secondary academic facilities, Health care and medical facilities, Hospitality facilities, Government buildings, Cultural venues, and Sports facilities.

GZA is dedicated to providing outstanding client service and the best technical solutions in our industry. Our strong technical expertise, knowledgeable staff, integrated project management capabilities, and superior communication provide a proven model for success. For innovative, practical solutions to above and below ground challenges, choose a firm that has been committed to satisfying the needs of its clients for more than half a century. Choose GZA.