The King Tide 2021 Tour

In early November, I attended the King Tide 2021 Tour organized by Consulting Planners of Massachusetts (CPM) to discuss the effects of climate change, rising sea levels and tidal activity at the...


Case Study: Swan Pond

Swan Pond is a 2-acre pond formed near the headwaters of Meadow Brook in Springfield, Massachusetts, within the city’s 734-acre Forest Park. The Main Greeting Road into Forest Park crosses the 45 foot...


Peterson Pond Dam Update – Part 1

Lori Wolfe, of the North and South Rivers Watershed Association, discusses the Peterson Pond Dam removal, which our dams team served as a consultant on.


Massachusetts' New PFAS Regulations, In A Flowchart

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection implemented new PFAS statutes for public drinking water supplies in September 2020. GZA's team can help you navigate these complex regulations...


Learn More About PFAS

State Regulations Connecticut (CT) Illinois (IL) Massachusetts (MA) GZA's Flowchart Explaining Massachusetts Regulations Maine (ME) Michigan (MI) North Carolina (NC) New Hampshire (NH) New Jersey (NJ)...